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Battle Buddies

Every Good Act Counts

I am so excited to announce my new platform: Battle Buddies. The mission of this platform is to make an impact on both animals and veterans.

Read more about my current achievements, upcoming projects and aspirations as I continue to work with USA National Miss!

I aim to give back to my local community by getting involved and setting up various fundraisers and charity events to help support those in need.

Everyone Can Help Make A Difference.

My aim is to inspire others as well as influence other people my age to be confident in doing the right things and being kind to one another.

With the help of USA National Miss, I am using my public platform to share positive messages to as many people as possible.

Can you also join me in making a difference?

Our Causes

Join over 8 people who’ve raised over $2699!

Founder Emma Taylor

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My Sponsors

USA National Miss North Carolina

Winner of the USA National Miss Jr. Teen

Working with USA National Miss is a key part to making my ambitions successful. Using my influence and valuable resources I want to expand general charity to something I’m passionate about.

I also love being with USA National Miss for their encouragement and support for young girls like myself and giving them the ability to achieve regardless of background, race or religion.

As of September 3rd 2022, I am officially the 2023 winner of the USA National Miss North Carolina Jr. Teen! I will be using my amazing achievements to further push my 501(c)3 charity, Battle Buddies.

Battle Buddies

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