About Us

About The Founder

Hi, I'm Emma!

An aspiring 13 year old from the beautiful town of Pinehurst, North Carolina.

At school, I am on the yearbook and drama committee. I also take part in competitive dancing across the East Coast of the US. My favorite subject at school is Science and I have an ever-growing love for animals.

Outside of school I enjoy baking and cooking with my family alongside being outside in nature. 

USA National Miss

Why did I choose UNM?

I have chosen to work with USA National Miss as part of the Heart of the Carolinas Jr. Teen pagent because they provide life experiences and opportunities for young girls across the nation. Their platform, “Inspire”, also relays the message of God and spreading kindness, compassion and environmental care. On top of this, UNM also helps young girls find what they are passionate about.

Emma Taylor

Upcoming Projects

I am so excited to announce my new platform: Battle Buddies. The mission of this platform is to make an impact on both animals and veterans.

I aim to give back to my local community by getting involved and setting up various fundraisers and charity events to help support those in need.

Battle Buddies

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